Monday, 30 April 2018

Dealing with backlog: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

This game had been on my to play list for ages, but I had been wary of it entirely due to the 80s style. To me that could either be hilariously awesome or cringeworthy bad. I had heard it was amazing but my opinion tends to differ from the general public's so I still had my doubts. But in any case I bought it as part of the Far Cry bundle I got years ago, and decided that now was the time to play it.

It starts off hilariously macho, like GI Joe meets the Terminator, and I chuckled/giggled my way through the intro and basically every story cutscene sequence afterwards. And I groaned and/or facepalmed to every single one-liner Rex said throughout the game - and they were many.

But if I looked past the fancy futuristic laser furnish it was still Far Cry with outposts to take over and areas to liberate and animals to hunt. The game was a lot more linear than the previous Far Cry I've played and I really, really missed the RPG elements of skill points and crafting.

The further you got in the main quest the more epic the game becomes especially when you start to go through the trial to get the Killstar (which is probably the most badass weapon I've ever seen) and then the reward for getting the Killstar which is an amazing armoured battle dragon shooting lasers (can it get anymore badass?!)

I went into this game a sceptic and, although there were a lot of disbelieving groaning facepalming moments, came out loving it. This game is amazing and I will definitely play it again some time.

And due to the nature of the game I had this song on my head for the whole time I was playing it:

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