Friday, 9 September 2011

The gym, Pottermore, Les Misérables

So I started going to the gym last week. Not to get a muscular body, just to get rid of some fat that I don't think I need. Simply I'm just doing 30 minutes of spinning and then, since I'm going easy on myself, two reps on some machines for the shoulders, lower back, chest and abdomin. I actually think I like it. Today I woke up lazy however, so there was no trip to the gym today. I needed a lazy day so I've just been hanging about at home. Tomorrow however I'm going again. Next week I think I'll buy a pass card. If I can get that flat belly 'til the end of February I'll go get that pierced navel again. Better to do it in springtime, rather than during the dogdays as I did last time... About 5½ months, exercising about 4 times a week... You think I'll make it if I try to stay away from sweets and ice cream as well? Christmas this year will be tough!

On a different note, Pottermore is making people crazy. Kajsa got her entry mail today and after she got sorted she called me to vent her frustration of being placed in Slytherin other than her House of choice; Hufflepuff. Slytherin really doesn't fit her at all... Not like it actually did me after I got over the first shock of not being placed in Ravenclaw (#lunadontleaveme ;)) I couldn't help being quite amused by it all, sorry hon, but one kind of gets into a happy bubble when one is able to enter. Just now I read on Facebook of another friend who hasn't gotten her mail yet, and she's getting seriously frustrated by that. Even threatening to write and complain if she doesn't get her entry mail in the coming batches of mails being sent out! While I myself am being completely frustrated that the second book; the Chamber of Secrets, isn't available to explore until February. FEBRUARY! What am I going to do 'til then? Brew friggin' potions?! At the moment I'm re-exploring the first book; the Philosopher's Stone, for the fourth time, and re-reading all Rowling's thoughts and news on characters, magic and places.

#lunadontleaveme that I wrote above comes from when Evanna Lynch twittered after she got sorted on Pottermore. I'll copy the article from MuggleNet:
Ahhhh umm errrrrr.... Just got sorted. Slight identity crisis. Need to sit down and process this... #pottermore
I'm in Gryffindor. #Pottermore #confusion #shock #pride #happiness #LUNADONTLEAVEME!!!
 I don't know what to do. I feel like Jo just told me I'm a man. I'm SO utterly confused.Gryffindor! Woahhh what an honour! I'm so happy! But confused! But happy! BUT CONFUSED. #Pottermore #farewellravenclaw
Dammit, now I have to change my whole bleedin' wardrobe!!! #pottermore #butredandgoldarenotmycolours
Sorry for the tweet explosion... I'm just...having a moment. #farewellravenclaw #pottermore #JowhathaveyouDONE?!
Tonight we re-watched Les Misérables 25th Anniversary in Concert at the O2. This time it wasn't as painful to watch Nick Jonas, he's not that bad although he's still leagues behind the rest of the cast. I'm getting slightly nervous. I, Love, Kajsa and Tiffany are going to watch the Swedish version of Les Miz in two weeks and I wonder if it will be as grand? I'm guessing not, I never get my hopes up really high for a Swedish version of anything really. Swedish doesn't really have that big of a vocabulary, and compared to English it's a very small and limited language. I'm not that fond of it actually, except maybe the spelling that can be beautiful sometimes. Beautifully strange :P Also, will I like the songs as much as I like the British ones? Will they sound as great? Will they ruin my favourite songs; Master of the House, Do Your Hear the People Sing?Look Down and Lovely Ladies? Anyway, I hope that they will prove me wrong. I'm actually looking forward to it, despite being nervous about it.


  1. (After the confusion of you saying tonight we rewatched Les Mis concert, but your post date is clearly today. I then realzied you wrote it in the night anywaaaay) The thing is Nick never misses any notes, he doesn't sing falsely. He just hasn't a strong voice -and doesn't act. I just wish all those theatre hipsters would get off his case and move on. XD However I do think that Nick is stretching it a bit too far though with going into Broadway.

  2. He doesn't sing bad, I know that. But he's not as good as the rest xD

    He's not horrible. Love did a simile between Nick and Elijah Wood - they only have one expression...

  3. Haha, actually I wouldn't even give Nick that much credit as to be compared to Elijah. Kristen Stewart maybe. XD

  4. I actually think Kristen Stewart has more facial expressions than Elijah. He only knows how to look devastated :P

  5. OH! LES MIS <3 Jag blir så himla lycklig och glad över att det finns fler svenskar som jag känner som också älskar Les Mis! IIIIH AWESOME!

    Vill se den svenska uppsättningen i Malmö så snart jag har möjlighet. Den MÅSTE ju ses ändå. Har Sett musikalen i London 2099 och 2011 samt har köpa CDn med alla låtar <3 MMMMMMMM VÄRLDENBÄSTAMUSIKAL <3

  6. Det är tjejen ovan som bär skulden till att jag älskar Les Miz xD

    Jag känner också det lite, den måste ses, eftersom Les Miz i sig är så awesome. Still nervous >.< Själv loopar jag alla låtarna om och om igen och det är alltid någon låt jag har på hjärnan. Samma med min sambo, så om jag för en gångs skull inte har en låt på hjärnan så fixar han det åt mig xD

    (Sen kan det nämnas as a sidenote att jag inte är något stort musikal-fan, och den enda andra musikalen jag sett (och då filmversionen) är Mamma Mia)


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