Thursday, 22 September 2011

Swedish Idol 2011

This show started in 2004, but the only part I've ever been interested in are the auditions cause it's fun to watch people making fools of themselves. But last year there was a guy who got me interested in the show; Jay Smith. He also ended up winning the whole thing, and I have a fangirl crush... on his voice. I can listen to his versions of Like a Prayer and Heart-Shaped Box over and over. He was my favourite from the auditions. He auditioned with Black Jesus:

Anyway Jay's success in last year's Idol got me hooked on this year, and I wasn't disappointed. First day of auditions in Stockholm this wonderful girl shows up. Her name is Moa, she's 16 and she's incredibly cute!

Solo in final auditions:

Last day of auditions in Stockholm this girl is "kidnapped" to the auditions after a tip made by her sister. She's also 16 I think. Her name is Linnea, but called Lini, her voice makes my heart tremble.

Solo final auditions:

In Falun a boy shows up called Mikael. He's 17 and he looks so sweet. His voice makes him sound like a woman, which is incredible. He's the sweetest character... 

Solo final auditions:

Then there are of course others that are amazing as well, but these three are the ones I follow with utmost attention, I want one of them to win! The jury is guessing that it may be a girl winning this season, cause there are so many young girls that are amazing this year. Two of them that still makes me dumbfounded that that little girl can be so amazing are Frida and Amanda, both 15. 

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