Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Alice: Madness Returns

Okay, so I started playing this game yesterday. I must say that I love the screenplay, the screenwriting, the game is beautiful! However it's always leaving me frustrated, increasingly frustrated. My game sessions always end in me rage-quitting. Why? Because I'm a n00b at platform gaming and since Alice is among the upper level platform games, I'm in way over my head here. I'm a turn-based game geek and I'm totally out of my league here. I originally set my game play level to Normal, but had to admit crushing defeat and rage-quitting in tears and changed the level to Easy.

I manage some jaw-dropping amazingly beautiful dodge-attack moves, solely by button-mashing. I'm a button-mashing n00b. But I'm still clumsy with the controls, I misjudge the space between platforms and if this game counted deaths I'd be aiming for the World Records - this is why I never managed to play Super Mario, cause I died at every goddamned hole and turtle. This is why I'm glad that this game does not give you a specific amount of lives, just a health bar and an unlimitied amount of tries.

So this far I've been jumping on mushrooms, shooting pepper at flying pig snouts, shrinking to get through key holes and flying on steam. I've met the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter and The Duchess. Now I'm at the end of chapter one and the Hatter's Domain. All I have to do to move on is to defeat a humongous Menacing Ruin that keeps shooting fire at me. But if I managed to kill three tea-shooting Eyepots which were assisted by three Insidious Ruins, I guess I'll be alright as soon as I figure out this guy's weak spots (do not tell me). My favourite enemy? Probably the Madcaps at this point.

Another thing I like about this game is that you collect teeth as you collect coins in Super Mario, and lifepoints are in the shape of red roses. Despite my continuing rage-quitting I do like this game and I will finish it, although it will take forever, and all of my blood, sweat and tears :P But it's a good game, every major fight leaves me with my hands shaking from adrenaline :D


  1. Quite a though game, I have to say. I loved chapter 3, it's all japanese-style ^_^

  2. Oh, can't wait to get there :)

  3. Passed the game.. it was gleefully dissapointing.

    1. The ending was disappointing and kind of obvious. But the road getting there was interesting enough :)


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