Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Scandinavia and the World

Scandinavia and the World is an amazingly funny web comic about country stereotypes. This far we've seen most of Europe, some Middle Eastern countries, some Asian countries as well as America, Canada and Australia :) There are a little over 200 strips there and most of them are really quick reading. What takes time is you trying to stop laughing. These two are my favourites:

Italy invented the Latin alphabet, but the Nordic countries have to mess with it, obviously.

Another thing I love is that here England is portrayed as the father of USA, Australia and Canada. There are a lot of pictures, not as many comics, that show this relationship and this is one of my favourites:
Enjoy your reading :) Don't forget to read the descriptions of every comic as well! You might learn something :)


  1. I like Scandinavia and the World too >< It works because she plays with the stereotypes, so it's okay for her to be a little mean. My favourite is http://satwcomic.com/smalltalk
    But I also like the English-speaking family =)

  2. Small Talk is extremely funny too xD


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