Tuesday, 16 July 2013

London day 1: Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter

As I write this Toni and I have just arrived back at our hostel after a whole day at Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Leavesden. Getting there was a littoe adventure in itself, since we had to change tube once, then get on a train and then get on a shuttle bus xD But it worked out alright. At the tour I took about 300 pictures and I won't be showing them all here. Toward the end of the tour my camera died so I had to rely on my phone's camera, which isn't that good. I don't have the cord or the memory card converter for that either so those pictures most definately won't show up in this post.

After getting to Watford Junction (before the shuttle bus) it was already obvious that the Tour was somewhere close and the bus was easily recognised.

 Getting there we had some time left after getting our tickets and so we took some pictures on the front and then walked around in the souvenir shop before getting in line for our time slot.

 The first room contained a series of screens showing movie posters from all over the world. I was quick in finding the Swedish, Japanese and Korean ones :) After a short introduction we were all lead into a small cinema where the Studio Tour was introduced by Daniel, Emma and Rupert. I felt like crying when I saw that WB-logo along with the music. So many feelings and memories :D Then the screen was rolled up into the ceiling and revealed the entrance to the Studio Tour. We started out in the Great Hall, which was absolutely beautiful!

The room afterwards was the room we spent the most time in - about 2 hours. Looking at props, taking pictures and I even went on the flying simulator and bought a picture that came off it. So I now have a photo of me in a Ravenclaw robe on a broomstick above Hogwarts!!! :D:D:D:D

After this huge room we got to the outdoors part. It felt like walking into a wall of heat after being used to the AC indoors and walking out into 30 degrees was kind of a shock. I had already decided that I'd get a Butterbear there and Toni also got ice cream for us :) The Butterbear was shockingly sweet, like absolutely, shockingly, extremely sweet. But it still tasted good. I liked it, but I don't think I could drink more than one at any one time xD

Outdoors was also the Knight Bus, Privet Drive, Potters' Cottage and the Hogwarts Bridge among other things :)

Getting indoors we arrived at the Creature Department and this is where my camera died. So all of the Creature Department along with the Model Department and Diagon Alley ended up on my phone. But here are the pictures of the Creature Department that I managed to take with my phone:

After that we exited to the souvenir shop and having been through it earlier (which turned out to be quite a genius move due to the amount of people after Tours) I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. So I got one Marauder's Map, one official guide to the Tour for the memories, one Chocolate Frog, the three small books (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Qudditch Through the Ages, Tales of Beedle the Bard) in their Hogwarts library collector's edition, and a Slytherin goblet. Interestingly enough the card I got in my Chocolate Frog was that of Salazar Slytherin xD

After a small break in the café we got on the shuttle bus back to Watford Junction, then on the train from Watford to Euston, the tube from Euston to Green Park, and finally the tube from Green Park to Hammersmith :)


  1. Åh, detta får mig verkligen att längta ännu mer! Bara 3 dagar kvar nu tills jag är där, kan knappt vänta!

    På tal om att du fick Salazar Slytherin som kort var lite kul, då jag faktiskt fick just Helga Hufflepuff när jag köpte en chokladgroda i Wizarding world i Orlando. Snacka om att man blir glad då, när man får just den grundare till sitt eget elevhem :D TYp som att det är meant to be eller nåt haha. Awesome! :D

    1. Jamen precis! Blev så himla överraskad och glad när jag öppnade och såg Salazar Slytherin där. Dessutom eftersom jag nyss köpt en Slytherin-bägare och dessutom hade min Slytherin-slips på mig xD Liksom how is this possible?! xD


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