Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sommar Rock Svedala

The last three days it has been the annual summer festival at my tiny hometown called Sommar Rock Svedala :) It's pretty much the only big happening each year in that village and since I get tickets for free it's always worth taking time to visit the festival every year. It's also something of a tradition since I've been going there every year since I was about 8 or 9.

Thursday: On Thursday Toni and I went there to see Amaranthe and Helloween. Originally W.A.S.P. was supposed to play, but since they cancelled their summer tour (again) Helloween took their place. And I guess they were okay, but I would much rather have seen W.A.S.P.. Amaranthe was at Metaltown too this year, but I decided that I'd see them at Sommar Rock instead. They would be my kind of band if it wasn't for the fact that the female singer's voice sounds so much like pop that their music takes on an involuntary twist that sounds like Eurovision meets metal, and I can't decide if I like it or not. But it was worth it seeing them live.

Friday: We went there to see Joddla med Siv and Magnus Uggla. Joddla is usually a lot of fun, but this time they had moved them out of the tent to a larger stage outdoors, which sort of ruined it all. The intimacy kind of evaporated :/ Magnus Uggla however was just as great as ever on stage. And the crowd was going wild to his songs. It was a lot of fun. Friday was the best day of the festival and I really can't understand why they didn't put Uggla as the last act of the year on Saturday night :/

Saturday: All we wanted to see on Saturday was Perikles. But just as with Joddla they had moved them outdoors and totally ruined everything. They have a thing towards the end of their gigs where the entire audience sits down on the ground and for a part of the songs stays there before the song itself tells people to get up again. It was totally ruined. Didn't work outside the tent. A large portion of the audience didn't even understand that they were supposed to sit down, and all I could think was: "DON'T WE DO THIS EVERY YEAR, YOU MORONS?! USE YOUR FRIGGIN' BRAINS FOR ONCE!" But no, and I felt sort of disappointed that a band that usually got a very mixed audience going wild, couldn't deliver :(

Tomorrow Toni and I are going to London, so my next update will be from the UK! :D

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