Friday, 19 July 2013

London day 3 - Going home

Check out time was at 11am and our flight didn't leave until 7pm so we had a lot of time to kill after checking out. We started by going to Piccadilly Circus to eat brunch at KFC and then we took a trip down Chinatown and Soho, before reaching Oxford Street.

At Oxford Street we went to HMV and I ended up buying three games for Nintendo DS. They don't sell any good games for the DS in Sweden anymore - only games for the 3DS so this was very refreshing! :D The games I found were Mystery Stories: Curse of the Ancient Spirits, Chronicles of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life, and Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy. They all seem to be adventure games and could all be a lot of fun :) And except for the fact that Britain hasn't invented air conditioning yet, it was 30 degrees outside and no air inside, I really enjoyed being at an HMV again :) After HMV we went to the tube station and went to Green Park. Originally I thought we could check out Buckingham Palace before we left but we ended up just falling to the ground in the shadow of some trees and resting there away from the scorching sun.

After resting there for a good long while we decided to go to the airport and except for going to the wrong Terminal at first everything went smoothly as soon as we got to the right Terminal :P We checked in, dropped off our bag, went through security and went to look at the tax free shops. While talking about how fun it would be to have seen a real TARDIS, we happened upon a Doctor Who stunt in the middle of the airport! A TARDIS, a Dalek and a place to take pictures as the Doctor and Clara. The inside of the TARDIS had a green screen and it was supposed to take a picture of you and share it to your Facebook, but it didn't work. Neither of us could log on to our Facebook accounts :/

After all the Whovianism we decided to have sushi for dinner. Then we looked around in shops and waited for our gate to be announced. The flight was 15 minutes delayed even before it was announced -.- When the gate was announced we went there and that's when it was announced that the flight was 30 minutes late due to being late from its last destination -.- But when the plane finally arrived and we could get on we had the luxury of having a completely cloud free flight :D

Back in Copenhagen everything went smoothly until baggage reclaim. Our bag was very slow to arrive and I started to get nervous that it had gotten lost, but then it finally showed up! We got on the train back to Malmö and the bus home. It was kind of nice coming home, but at the same time I miss London. I've always liked London a lot!

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