Sunday, 7 July 2013

Metaltown 2013

On Wednesday I got up early to pack the last stuff into my bag and get to the train station. Then I got on the train to Gothenburg. After 3 hours I arrived and was met by Toni, Timo and Fredrik. I dumped by stuff into Fredrik's car and then Toni, Timo and I went downtown to buy ourselves some alcohol for the festival, while Fredrik drove to the festival area to park etc. First we went to buy alcohol and then we went to Shock to switch our tickets to wristbands before going to the bus stop where to rented buses pick up people to go to the festival. When we got to the festival area it had started drizzling and it wasn't warm anymore :( We met up with Fredrik who already had his tent. We put up his tent and left our alcohol there, and while the boys went to fetch all our stuff I sat in Fredrik's tent to escape the rain and watch our stuff. When they arrived we put up all the tents and the party tent. The rain had really started pouring now and the ground was getting muddier by the minute.
When all the preparations were done we started up the music and the drinking. One of the more memorable moments was when Gangnam Style randomly started playing and a lot of people currently building their camps stopped to dance just like that xD We had a little dancing in our own camp too :) The random funny songs continued that evening along with the fun company of a fellow southern Swede and his little buddy. In the end Timo's stool broke apart and he found himself on the ground xD It was hilarious xD

Thursday started off rainy as well and the muddy ground got even muddier. We got a lot of new neighbours this day and one of them were the camp of Falk Pink Hat and the Giant 16-Year Old. Toni, Timo and I went into town to buy Timo a new chair and to buy some wellingtons for myself and Toni. And to have sushi for lunch :3 When we got back we got a visit from Borat and a random fun guy. Also we had some fun with the mud, cause you gotta make the best of things :P Then we went to see Turbonegro. In the evening the camp got a visit from a girl with a horse mask that was passed around. We tried to drink and smoke with it on (which didn't work out too well). Then some festival workers showed up and had some fun with the mask with us. When the workers left so did the girl with the mask.

On Friday the weather started getting better and we went into town partly to eat at Subway and partly because Timo had gotten sick during the night and wanted to go home so we saw him off at the train station. When we got back Toni and I went to see All That Remains and Soilwork. Back at the camp things were strange as per usual. Turned out that Ricky had some kind of Red Riding Hood hood... Him and Madde first came up with a ball game/drinking game, then a word game/drinking game... All the while singing along to music and just talking and having fun. In the evening we went to see Slipknot, which easily was the best concert of the year. I had no voice left when we got back to the camp :D

Saturday (yesterday) was the last day and the weather was brilliant. Toni, me and Ricky went into town to eat at NFC (KFC knock-off) and to buy some more alcohol since we weren't sure what we had would be enough. When we got back to the camp Fredrik and his friend had moved Ricky's tent and pushed it into Timo's old (now abandoned) tent just to see if it would fit - which it did. At the place where his tent used to be they had built a small tent with accessories xD The party tent had broken in one place the night before and they had fixed it by taping Timo's broken stool to the broken piece xD Later that evening we went to see Hardcore Superstar.
Afterwards we played around a little with Falk's Ozzy glasses and Madde came up with a drinking game which she played with Falk.
On our way to the last concert of the festival: Korn, we found an awesome tent in the shape of an old Volkswagen bus xD

Today we got up early to pack our stuff and (some of us) our tents. Then we stuffed ourselves into Fredrik's car and drove to the central station where I and my bag got off. We ate together at Subway before they started driving back home north and I got on my train south. I had to wait around for a bit, but I still got home earlier than them :3
Getting home I immediately poured myself a bath - which would have felt great, but the feeling was somewhat killed by the agony of soaking my badly burnt legs in hot water. I forgot to put sunscreen on them while I put it on my arms and face xD
But being able to sleep in my own bed tonight will probably be the best feeling ever :D

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