Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I fell into Skyrim once more

I fell in. Again. I promised myself that after I had played Morrowind I'd try out some games on the 360, like Tales of Vesperia, Lollipop Chainsaw and perhaps make another attempt at Alice: Madness Returns. But no, I had to start up Skyrim again "just to see".

That's when I realised nothing worked anymore. Steam had removed the Unofficial Patches and the High Res DLC interferred with my gameplay (whole patches of purple), the game kept CTDing and my saves had become corrupt... Oh the joy. So with the help of Steam community I first tried to get the Unofficial Patches from Nexus, but the game crashed anyway. Then I tried to fix them with BOSS, which made the sound stop working on my computer -.- I got the tip to back-up my saves and reinstall everything without patches. I did that, but the game still crashed on me. I got the tip that the High Res DLC could have this effect and turned it off. Still crashed. Then someone said that my saves probably were corrputed and if I would want to play again I should probably just start over. After much debating with myself I deleted my saves and started over. Everything worked great until I got to Windhelm. Suddenly I couldn't exit the city without the game crashing on me. I googled it and found that someone who used Windows 7 32-bit like me had somehow forced the OS to use all 4 GB of RAM instead of the normally limited 3,6 GB. This person had typed a command into the Command Prompt program from the Accessories folder, and said that it had solved all the CTDs he/she had had with Skyrim. By now I was pretty ready to try whatever I found. I typed the command and rebooted my computer. Since then Skyrim hasn't crashed once. I SOLVED THE PROBLEM! WHO'S DA MAN?! :D I had forgotten that the reason I had stopped playing Skyrim to begin with was the more and more frequent CTDs and no one I knew had been able to solve it. Thanks to Google and this unknown person I managed to solve the problem and finally play the game properly.

And now I'm stuck again. Can't stop playing Skyrim. I wanted to play other games, but my mind is stuck on Skyrim. And after having played Oblivion and some Morrowind, and having read the plots for Morrowind, Daggerfall and Arena I now notice references to past games all the time. References to Oblivion make me nostalgic. Just like mentions of Skyrim did while I was playing Oblivion. Oblivion is a great game, probably just as great as Skyrim. The only thing that could make Skyrim better are the graphics. Some new screenshots I've taken:
1). M'aiq, you crack me up! xD 2). Barbas has a point... 3). Sheogorath! I've missed you 4). Back to the Shivering Isles? Can I come? 5). Absorbing Dragon Soul

I have also gotten some help that should make Morrowind easier on me. Now I just need to get my head out of Skyrim... As if I could.

And if I continue like this Skyrim will have to get its own label on my blog. I talk about Skyrim in these posts:

This would make my third playthrough on computer, my fourth in total if you count the one I started on 360. First time on the computer I made a Dunmer mage called Nemesis, but it was my first time playing a game like Skyrim and it turned out badly. Then I tried as a Nord called Alana on the 360, but it wasn't as fun on the console :P So I started over on the computer as a Nord named Neela, and that was the save I had to delete to get my game to work. Right now I play as a Nord named Eira. And due to the thread in the Skyrim forum on Steam community called "Who are you", where players tell the story of their characters I now also have a complete background story for Eira xD She was born in Vvardenfell, Morrowind to Nord parents. She grew up poor in the village of Hla Oad and when she was a young girl she ran away from poordom and made her way into Cyordiil. There she heard stories about the Oblivion crisis from 200 years before and set out to find the remnants of all the Oblivion gates. There's a rumour that this is what turned her eyes black... The more time she spent in Cyrodiil the more curious she became of her parents' homeland and decided to make her way to Skyrim. It all went well until she found herself in the middle of an ambush and before she knew it she was brought to her execution. Escaping Helgen she made friends with Ralof, but in the end she joined the Legion since she didn't feel as connected to the Nord customs having grown up in Morrowind. She only wanted to explore her parents' homeland, but the discovery of her being the Dragonborn threw her off course. She tries to postpone all those resposibilities and focus on exploring. If there's some coin to be made she's always happy to help people, and due to her growing up poor she always feels that she's the most needing and steals whatever food and money she can find. She's usually seen travelling along the road with her Dunmer companion, Jenassa, while she keeps her mind off things by picking flowers, mushrooms and berries. 

See what I did there? I bound Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim together :P

Let's finish the post with this:

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