Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mansions of Madness!

This weekend we had some people over for a boardgaming night. Saying it like that makes it seem that we played many games though, which we didn't. Cause everytime we have a boardgaming night we start with Mansions of Madness and it ends up taking a really long time. But it's always a lot of fun ^^

This time we played the 4th scenario: Classroom Curses, and although the map was big and the story was intriguing the scenario fell a little flat due to the abscence of monsters. Mostly this scenario's goal was for the investigators to find the clues and beat the very few monsters that showed up before the Keeper made us all go mad and kill off each other.

We (the investigators) thought we did really well and honestly believed we were going to win this round. But when one of us had to leave around 11pm, we realised that we'd never make it to the final clue before the final event happened. There wasn't even a remote possibility. So we decided to give up, since we were going to lose anyway and just revealed the final event (which ironically enough included all the monsters). Monsters swarming the place, killing all the investigators and the Keeper's main monster. And that was that. It was a fun evening anyway. The most fun was when one of us went into the Furnace room to look at the clue. The room went dark by the command of the keeper and then the door slammed shut behind the investigator in the room. He was looked in a dark room. Ironically enough one of the events happened just after that and it involved the Furnace room igniting and setting the whole room on fire. So he was looked inside a dark, burning room... (How can a room be dark and burning at the same time?)

Then it's still equally funny that a lot of cards have sentences like "discard this card to discard a trauma card". Reading those always makes us all laugh out loud.


  1. Låter som ett nice spel!
    Är bara bekant med Horror of Arkham vilket jag tycker är jättekul så lite tips på andra nice brädspel 'r uppskattat! Skriv gärna om fler om du kan och vill :3

  2. Har inte spelat Arkham Horrors! Vi valde mellan Mansions of Madness och Arkham Horrors när vi skulle köpa ett större bordsrollspel. Men valde Mansions of Madness för att det fanns så många expansions till det så det kändes som att det skulle hålla längst :) Är Arkham Horrors bra?

    Det där gav mig faktiskt en idé till ett kommande inlägg! :D Så tack för det! :)


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