Monday, 19 March 2018

Game completed: Dishonored 2

When I first started playing this game it was early 2017. That time I made the mistake of starting the  game without any powers which made it a lot harder than it had to be. Then I got lost and stuck at the Clockwork mansion and decided to drop the game indefinitely.

Now I felt like the time was right again. This time I made sure to play with powers, which made the whole game much easier. (Though I only ever used Blink and occasionally Dark Vision) I also followed a guide for the Clockwork mansion because if I had gotten stuck there again I probably would never have finished this game.

Dishonored 2 is supposed to be played stealthily to get the good ending. I knew this, but I suck at stealth so I knew I'd get the bad ending. I tried to find alternate means to deal with the key figures rather than just killing them (I killed most of the guards, but I tried to stay away from killing civilians). I cured Hypatia. I made goo of Jindosh's brain (but he's still alive, not sure if that's a mercy). Breanna Ashworth just had to join a fight I had with a few of her witches and got herself killed, if she hadn't I would've gone with the mercy option there too. After seeing what became of Aramis Stilton I decided that killing him would be the merciful option - so I did. I tried dealing with the Duke's body double, but the real Duke just had to go too close to a pylon I had rewired and got himself killed. I was going to go merciful with Delilah too, but the game didn't tell me how to do it just "Find another way", and after running around for a long time trying to find another way I got so sick of it that I just killed her too (and after I killed her the game told me what it had wanted me to do as "another way". gee, thanks game).

The only thing I didn't like in this game was who judgmental all the characters became towards the end because I killed so many guards and what not. I did the same in the original Dishonored and I can't remember them being so judgmental towards me back then. I also didn't like how dark Corvo had become. I guess both of those are understandable and realistic, but I still didn't like them :P

But all in all I enjoyed being back in the world of Dishonored. I had forgotten how great it was :3 I particularly enjoyed the times when the story let you run around and explore the streets rather than having you stuck inside a mansion or building. Next is to play Death of the Outsider and then there's no more Dishonored.

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