Saturday, 24 March 2018

Game completed: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

After Dishonored 2 I was really excited about this game, but I soon realised that Billie Lurk was a lot more squishy than Corvo and that her powers weren't nearly as good.

But after I got used to her weird powers, halfway through the second mission or so, the game became really fun. I didn't care much about the contracts. If I succeeded, then good, if I didn't, whatever. But the execution of this game felt a lot more similar to the original Dishonored than Dishonored 2 did. I could murder my way to the end and still get a good ending depending on what I chose to do at the end. Not like in Dishonored 2 where if I killed even a single person my chance for getting a good ending was severly limited.

I barely remember the Brigmore Witches DLC from the first Dishonored, but I do remember Daud and it was great to get to see him again. Although it felt like a waste of time to save him when he was just gone a mission later.

The mission to kill the Outsider was cool and if you do the "find another way" option you'll find out so much more about his background, and I found it hilarious that [Spoiler] his mark is literally just the way his name was written in the language from 4000 years ago when he was human. So he's basically just been putting his signature on people! x'''D

In the end I had a great time running around Karnaca as Billie Lurk. Returning to the Royal Conservatory was also interesting. The missions were straight-forward but offered several ways to complete them (ofc I went with guns blazing every time except for when I came face to face with the Outsider). The missions even made me laugh several times especially Ivan Jacobi and Shan Yun. Not that what they were doing was funny, but their personalities were imo.

But when it was over I just wished it could've been longer...

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