Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Dealing with backlog: Life is Strange & Before the Storm

So finally I have played these games! Life is Strange was all the hype a few years ago and now I understand the hype. Because omg no other games have made me cry like these.

Life is Strange is about Max Caulfield who, after five years, returns to her home town of Arcadia Bay. She loves photography and she's a shy and timid little girl. Until she figures out that she can reverse time. What follows is an adventure that takes so many twists and turns and while the first two episodes were innocent enough, the last two are a scary and tearful ride.

I loved the scenery of the game and how the whole thing looked and felt while playing and while I'm way older than Max and her friends I recognise so much from when I was at that point in life.

This game is just wow.

*waters plant*
This action will have consequences.

Before the Storm tells the story of Chloe before Max returns to Arcadia Bay and how she became friends with Rachel. It's not quite as adventurous like the original (no time-travelling) and not quite as good, but still amazing. I didn't really like Chloe to begin with in Life is Strange, but she kind of grew on me while I played and even more so when I played Before the Storm. 

And Chloe... How do you manage to get yourself mixed up in all these shitty situations? 

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