Friday, 5 July 2019

Edinburgh 2019: Arrival day

Most of this day was spent travelling. To even get to the airport in Stockholm it takes us 1½ hours by bus and train. Everything went as smoothly as you would expect to check in and go through the security. We decided to eat before boarding the plane and found a place that looked good, but was dreadful. The burgers we got made McDonald's seem decent. Anyhow. One disappointing burger later we went to the gate and watched the rain pour down before it was time to get on the plane.

Mandatory George Carlin for every plane ride:

We landed in Edinburgh exactly on time and our bag was already rolling around on the baggage claim by the time we got there. Smooth!!!
We got on the tram from the airport to the city and Toni's head was swivelling around trying to look at everything at the same time. I was mostly just looking at the mountains, because honestly those are the only things that don't 100% exactly like home :P When the tram made the turn into Haymarket my heart made a leap I recognised every inch of that street ♥ I previously spent 3 weeks in Edinburgh in November of 2008. 10½ years and I recognised every inch. I was so happy.

We got off the tram and the hotel I had booked for us was directly across from the tram station. Perfect :) We checked in without any issues and after dumping our bags we decided to go to one of the bars in town.

The bar is called The Voyage of Buck and it's a theme bar. The theme is the voyages of a late 19th century person called Buck and every cocktail is inspired of is travels. The cocktail menu is several pages long. I ordered fancy cocktails for us both and they were probably the coolest drinks we've ever had. Mine had pearl glitter in it so it looked like some sort of shimmering potion, while Toni received edible Legos for his drink xD

Our experience of the bar was that the drinks were really cool and the whole atmosphere of the place was amazing, but the staff could've been a bit more service-minded. They made it clear when we arrived that we were to sit down and then they would come to get our drink orders. Except they seemed more interested in hanging out at the bar and talking between themselves rather than making sure their guests got what they needed/wanted. So concept was amazing - staff needs improvement.

When we had finished our drinks we decided that we wanted something to eat and managed to find a KFC that was open late. We went there and then brought the food back to the hotel room and had an extra dinner there before going to bed.

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