Sunday, 14 February 2016

Game completed: Fallout: New Vegas + DLCs

Today I completed New Vegas and it's been quite the ride! From the first go it worked a lot better than Fallout 3, there were a few times when the game froze, but that can happen to the best of them and in this case it was nothing game-breaking.

This game was weird. There was so much crazy involved I sort of started to wonder what the devs were on while making this game :P

So for the main quest I was shot in the head, patched up again, and then chased after the guy who shot me all the way to New Vegas where I paid my way through the front gates. I found the guy, Benny, and making use of my perk Black Widow I seduced him into sleeping with me and then I killed him in his sleep :P And then I started working with Yes Man.

Choosing which side to ultimately side with was hard. On my way to New Vegas I initially helped the NCR, but when I got to New Vegas I thought Yes Man was adorable. I killed House and got the Platinum Chip back and then I was tasked to go find Caesar's Legion. Talking to them, what they wanted to do kind of made sense, although the rest of the Mojave area were making them out as the ultimate bad guys, so for a while there I was inclined to help the Legion. But after running around making sure to complete every side quest and every unmarked quest available I soon was left with very bad rep with the Legion. And in the end I liked the idea of running the show myself more than I liked the idea of the NCR taking over. So I forced the Legion to leave and threw the NCR general from a tower and then I ruled the Mojave and New Vegas alongside Yes Man.

Out of all the random NPCs I liked the female supermutants the most. I loved Tabitha and Lily. And although I ran out of time to help Lily, since I picked her up late and couldn't bring her with me for the DLCs I did love how the end turned out for Tabitha. Out of all the side quests my favourites were partly the one to help the ghouls get on a rocket and find their home somewhere beyond the stars, and also the one where I helped the Boomers lift an old fighter plane from the bottom of a lake and made their collective dream to fly a reality.

One of my least favourite side quests was the one in the Thorn where I had to go pick up eggs from different creatures so that they had creatures to raise for their gladiator games. One of the eggs I had to pick up were Deathclaw ones. I chose to do that at the quarry, but I soon realised that I was sort of under-leveled for that quest. But I pushed on and I found a spot on top of the digging machines where the Deathclaws couldn't reach me because they were too big and from the top of the digging machine I used my grenade launcher to slowly bomb them to death. It took a while, but it was fun to watch their health bars slowly decrease. When I got all the different eggs to the quest giver she rewarded me with sex xD

And then there were the DLCs. Usually with Bethesda the DLCs are way more epic than the main game. That was not the case this time. Separately the DLCs felt very meh. But when I had completed all of them I realised that a bigger story was unravelled and that they all fit together. Somehow it all started with the old leader of the Brotherhood of Steel, Elijah. He found himself at Big Mountain, at the Big Empty. There he heard of the Sierra Madre casino and all the riches supposedly hidden within. He went there and then lured others into helping him crack into the casino's vault. (That DLC was seriously annoying; a killing cloud, ghost people that you can't kill unless you chop them to pieces, and you're wearing a bomb collar that blows your head off if you're standing too close to a radio or a speaker.) I'm not sure of the chronology of the other courier. He was at the Big Empty at the same time as Elijah, but he was also in Zion, and then he lured my char into the Divide for the ultimate showdown. The DLCs were all connected in a way that I found beautiful. Finding the urban legend of the Legion, The Burned Man, alive in Zion was also pretty cool. I helped him in the end to create a genocide for the White Legs, so that the other two tribes could stay in Zion, rather than to force evacuate them. I felt the other tribes would be better off staying where they were. All in all the DLCs were not as impressive as in Fallout 3. My favourite DLC was Old World Blues in the Big Empty, because the whole DLC was tripping balls xD

Something I missed in New Vegas compared to 3 was all the crazy Vaults. In 3 all the Vaults had pretty much gone bad and you never knew what you'd find once you entered. In New Vegas there was really only one such Vault, number 22 where spores from the plants they were experimented on infected all the inhabitants and transformed them into spore carriers. The place was also full of carnivorous plants. This vault, however, showed up referenced in two of the DLCs: the origin of the spore plants was the biological research institute at the Big Empty, and it also showed up in Zion where you find an exploration party murdered by one spore carrier and the area infested with several carnivorous plants.

This game was summed up on Tumblr better than I ever could. So if you're wondering if the level of weirdness is as hilarious as I hint toward, then just read these to get confirmation:

I can definitely see myself replaying this game several times, if not only to see what the ending will be like if I choose to side with Mr. House, the Legion or the NCR.

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