Monday, 1 February 2016

Travelling: Germany 2016 day 3

Today has been busy. Got up at 7am for hotel breakfast buffet and then went a little extra early to the fair venue. We were there around 8.30am. Both dad and the boss had several meetings planned from 9am to lunch time, so I was mostly left to my own devices at the counter. It went mostly well. The boss had his meetings in our corner so he was within asking distance if a customer had a question I couldn't answer. One of the people I talked to today was French. The first thing he asked was if I knew French and I said a little. He stated his business in French and I completeled blanked out and had no idea what he said. He noticed and we continued our conversation in English. I added some French words when I remembered them and I understood everything he translated into French to his two associates. Of course, after they had left I remembered how to say everything I had needed to say in French. Maybe I'll get another chance tomorrow.

From 10am to 4pm we had an almost steady stream of potential clients and so I didn't have time to realise how tired my muscles got after standing up for so long. Keeping busy to avoid feeling weary is always good, the problem is when you stop being busy and feel everything at the same time. At 5pm my dad left for a mingle party in the other end of the fair venue (the size of this thing is like 22 football (soccer) fields, I've been told), and just before 6pm the boss went too. They both said they wouldn't be long and probably would be back shortly after the fair closed at 6pm. At 6.15pm I called my dad and asked if they were on their way. They weren't and Dad told me to get over there. I left our stuff by our coats in the storage room of the Swedish area, and went down to their mingle party. We stayed there for about 30 minutes. I didn't mingle much. I didn't have much to contribute to their talks of B2B, shipments, weights, pallets, etc.

When we left it turned out we'd get an early night tonight. The people we had been out with yesterday and had planned on going out with again tonight were still tired after last night and cancelled our plans. Just as well, getting some more hours of sleep is sorely needed. So after a quick and cheap dinner at KFC we went back to our hotel. I took a long, relaxing shower (great for my weary muscles) and then read some in my French book. I understand everything I read and hear, I just have problems finding the words when I'm supposed to construct the sentences.

Now it's sleepy time anyway.
The slogan at the Swedish area

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