Monday, 1 February 2016

Travelling: Germany 2016 day 2

The day started at 7am when we went down for the hotel breakfast buffet. I could eat honeydew melon for life. Then we went to the fair venue and started work. It went well. I had no reason to worry about French and Japanese, no people with those languages as preference came around, but I did manage to make some contacts in English. This job is different from what I've done before. Before I've sold wares to customers who approached me, now it's my job to make them want to approach me. So I need to hand out sample bags and brochures and hope that they want to hand over their company card and make contact. It worked alright, but I'm told there will be more people tomorrow and on Tuesday. Still I had a blast. It was a lot of fun, the people are a big part of it. Everyone were so accomodating and friendly, most of them already knew my dad so I went along for the ride and got to know all of them.

After lunch I went with my dad to meet Vidal. They are his main distributor and very friendly. They are based in Spain and the contact we met today was also the contact that we went to dinner with when we were in Spain last spring. After the meeting we were invited for some tapas behind the scenes, and it was delicious. Afterwards we went around looking for new potential customers, and then we went back to our corner in the Swedish pavillion section of the European area. After a little while the fair closed and we went back to our hotel, before going out to have a beer at Haxenhaus and then dinner at Löwenbräu next door. After a delicious dinner we went across the street to Papa Joe's jazz club and had a blast. Now it's time for sleep, but first some pictures from the day.

Dawn. This is the view from my hotel window. Good morning, Colgone!

Going back to the hotel from the fair venue. This cathedral is immense! And so beautiful I can't stop looking at it whenever I walk past it - which is often.  

I've heard of hamburger and pizza candy, wanna try sushi candy?!

The inside of Papa Joe's :) Such a cosy atmosphere!

The live band at Papa Joe's!

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