Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Travelling: Germany 2016 day 4

Got up at 7am as per usual and went to have breakfast at the buffet. They were out of honeydew melon so I had to improvise :P

Work was kind of slow today, but because of that I did find the time to go visit the three Japanese companies that were there. The first one I went to was a small one and it was the first time they were there. The woman who approached me when I showed interest in their wares was very relived and excited when I knew Japanese, and we talked for a while about Japan and my studies and differences in candy in Japan and Europe. It was a lot of fun :) After that I went to look for the second small company, but they only sold cakes and nothing I found really interesting so I didn't stop there. Then I went to look up the big one. Turned out I already knew them when I went there, I recognised most of their products. But they were a big company with a big corner and had a no BS kind of attitude so I didn't get to talk with them. However, I did talk my dad into considering Japanese candy so we are going to go there together tomorrow and talk to them, and see if we can find something interesting that may work in Sweden. I'm excited! :D

After work we went quickly back to the hotel and changed clothes and freshened up and then we met up with some people at the Dominikaner, before going to a dinner we were invited to by another set of people. It was a fancy Italian restaurant, and while most of the other picked some sort of fish, I went with octopus and it was delicious :3 After dinner we went to Haxenhaus and ordered 1 metre of beer. When that was done, we did another metre. Then we went to Papa Joe's again for one more beer. I love Papa Joe's :3

Now it's time for packing and then sleeping, but first some pictures from the day!

Sign at Papa Joe's: "Every day without beer is a health risk"

1 metre of beer, anyone?

My dinner at the Italian place! Octopus!

This cathedral is friggin epic!

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