Thursday, 4 February 2016

Travelling: Germany 2016 day 6

The breakfast buffet at the hotel in Walsrode started at 6.30am and we went there five minutes later, which meant getting up even earlier than usual. They didn't have honeydew melon, but I could have salmon on my sandwich, which totally made up for it! After breakfast we repacked our bags, checked out and continued drivning north on the autobahn.  I fell asleep after a while.

The time was a little over 10am when we arrived at Fleggaard outside of Puttgarden for a bit of cheap shopping. Alcohol shopping. Alcohol is cheaper abroad than in Sweden, but candy is more expensive abroad than in Sweden. The candy thing is due to the EU having implemented a sugar tax, which Sweden could get out of.

When our shopping was done we got on the ferry from Puttgarden in Germany to Rødby in Denmark. It's a short ride: only 50 minutes. They are talking about building another bridge there but with all the border trouble nowadays that will probably be postponed. It was almost 11am when we got on the ferry and so we decided to get an early lunch.

When we left the boat we happened upon an ID control on the border, but we were let through without having to show. Either it was the Swedish car or we just didn't look like refugees. Probably the last.

It was only 2 hours left to Sweden and I spent most of the time on Facebook. Thanks to having Telia it costs the same in the Nordic and in the Baltics as in Sweden :)

I always enjoy crossing the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. It feels symbolic somehow, seeing my home rise out of the distance. It's like a transition. We arrived in my home town of Svedala outside of Malmö about 1.30pm. We unpacked the car and went to pick up the dog from the neighbour. He's been babysitting her during the day when we were in Germany and my mum at work. She was very happy to see us, and almost immediately my black clothes were covered in her white hairs xD

I'm staying at my parents place tonight and then I take the train home tomorrow. It's been fun, but I'm looking forward to coming home. Boyfriend, own bed, computer... In that order.

Tonight my dad is meeting with an Estonian guy who buys from him and then sells in the Baltics and Russia. So work is not entirely over, the way I see it.

And for some reason my laptop can't find my parents' new wi-fi. I had it on on my phone so I knew it worked, but my laptop couldn't find it, so I had to buy my train ticket via my phone (which is a hustle but I've done it before so it's alright), and now I'm doing this post on my phone. I've never liked blogging via my phone, though I've had the app forever. I think it's mostly due to the fact that a computer's keyboard is a lot more comfortable to type long things on than any phone's.

Now I'll return to my books. Hopefully I'll finish one of them by the time I'm home tomorrow :)

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