Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dealing with backlog: Bioshock 2 Remastered

Just as with the remastered original I played the original Bioshock 2 years ago. I remember I liked it back then, but this time it felt completely flat. The story wasn't engaging and it seemed more like an excuse to get back to Rapture than anything else. The whole city was falling apart and being flooded (doesn't help that they keep flooding areas and breaking protective glasses on purpose) and it's completely insane that any sane people at all remained or even came back to Rapture. (Maybe the sanity of even the sane people there can be discussed).

In any case the game worked fine for me until I arrived at the lab where Gil Alexander is stuck in a tank. That session had lasted for 1½-2 hours and then the game crashed for the first time for me. When I restarted it I was back to the point where I had started my session and after that I just didn't feel like playing. I just lost up to 2 hours worth of playing! Really didn't feel like going through all of that again. I hadn't thought of manually saving or quicksaving while I played because it's a new game and new games generally autosave all the time. Pausing at the menu, bringing up the map, changing locations... New games usually autosave.

So after two weeks of just not feeling like playing this game anymore, due to having to do so many things all over again, I've now decided to just drop it. I know the story anyway. I know how it ends, and there's no incentive for me to continue playing it.

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