Sunday, 4 February 2018

Dealing with backlog: Pirate-y point-and-click trilogy

Next up on my backlog list was Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart. It's a point-and-click hidden objects game from Artifex Mundi so I knew it would be decent. But I ended up enjoying the story far too much. The voice-acting could've been better but the story was good and the puzzles were nice and I loved the hidden objects scenes.

The story is about a female curator at a naval museum. She's putting together an exhibition on the infamous pirate captain Remington and has actually managed to get his corpse fished out of the ocean. A corpse that's remarkably well-preserved. All his depictions show him with three very specific accessories and as you put them on him he's awoken. He calls his ship which crashes into the museum and kidnaps the curator's daughter. The curator sneaks on board. The ship is full of undead pirates and as she tries to find her daughter and rescue her she slowly uncovers the story that leads up to captain Remington's untimely death and also discovers his motives for kidnapping her daughter. Now she has to stop Remington and save all the pirates from one of Davy Jones' curses!

Because I liked the first game so much I decided to buy the other two in the bundle on Steam. The second game is calle Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call. In this the voice-acting has improved slightly, but the story has degenerated somewhat and some of the puzzles were more annoying than fun. I still loved the hidden objects scenes though!

The story this time starts when a man knocks on the door to the museum saying that it's vitally important that the curator gets his delivery tonight. The package is discovered to include a statuette. But when the package is opened a ship crashes into the museum again and the statuette is stolen. The curator and the man chase after the ship in a row boat, and the man reveals his identity. He's part man, part fish! They arrive in Kingsmouth where the curator just has time to meet Calliope the Siren before she's taken prisoner by the mayor. What follows is a quest to save the mermaid from the mayor and return her power to her by breaking another of Davy Jones' curses. The curse envelopes the entire island of Kingsmouth and is the reason why the population have started to look fishy (literally). During this quest she discovers the story of Kingsmouth and how it came to be the way it is.

The third game was probably the best one in many ways. The voice-acting had definitely improved. The story was also great and this time didn't include a sappy romantic love-story, and it seemed to me as the whole game was more detailed than the previous two.

This story starts at the museum. The curator and her daughter is giving a presentation on Davy Jones. The curator found a book about him in her previous adventure and now suspects he's more than a mere legend and actually a historical figure. When the presentation has only just begun the power goes out and then a great big tidal wave crashes down on the museum (you really ought to build this museum somewhere else) and Davy Jones himself appears and kidnaps both the curator and her daughter. They escape from the cell and try to flee from Jones' ship, but are caught. To save her mother's life the daughter agrees to sign pact with Jones, but Jones tries to kill the curator anyway claiming that it was the ocean that would kill her, not him. The curator survives and follows the ship to a mysterious island. There she has to save her daughter from Davy Jones' pact, but in order to break a pact she must figure out Jones' own story and free him from himself.

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