Saturday, 15 May 2010

25th floor

When I woke up today I was alone. Audray was going home. Since it was her last day yesterday she, I and Yoshiko went out to have lunch together. Yoshiko had reserved a table at a fancy restaurant on the 25th floor in the Tokyu building in the middle of Shibuya. Of course 25th floor meant incredible view over Tokyo. Since it was a fancy restaurant the food was also fancy. You started out with a bread/salad buffet which was nice. First time in my life that I ate vegetables that were pink xD Then there was the food and fancy food is always a disappointment. It's always just something small and nice to look at in the middle of a HUGE plate. The desert was even more so... But that small piece of cake was delicious! So now I've asked around and looked around and I've come up with some places to go during my last month. I think it could be fun. On top of all that I was invited to dinner with a friend who lives in Tokyo xD This last month might not turn out as boring as I expected :P


  1. Omg, did you pay for the dinner yourself? XD

  2. Pink vegetables? Scary...

  3. Tiff: Nope, Yoshiko payed everything :)

    Kajsa: It was pretty interesting actually...


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