Thursday, 13 May 2010


Sorry about the silence but nothing's been up for a while. Trying to change that, though, asking my friends on Facebook on tips about what to do with my last month here. Except for the wedding my time back in Tokyo has been pretty slow. But still it feels pretty good to just relax and take it slow for a while, but I do have that nagging feeling that I should do something with my last month. But everything I've wanted to do, like really, really wanted, I've already done.

Julian is the only friend that's still here since I arrived and he too feels like he's been everywhere, so none of us have any motivation really, which doesn't actually help the problem here xD We switch our lunches between sushi and curry and that doesn't matter because there are so many different kinds that it doesn't really feel like we are eating the same thing all the time xD

The only thing I have planned right now is my last week when I will buy souvenirs and presents for everyone and at the same time try to fit everything into my suitcase (that will be interesting). I've seen Audray's progress these last few days (she's going home on Saturday). Two packages sent by air mail and still loads of stuff to pack. On the other hand she's been here for six months and bought much more stuff than I have so I hope I'll be OK :)


  1. I totally have the opposite problem. I'm writing my B-essay and I'm moving in a month - it stresses me out.


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