Sunday, 9 May 2010


Sorry about the long silence, but nothing interesting has really happened since I got back from Korea. Except that Friday was Gan's last day so we went to Sweets Paradise again xD

However, yesterday was Ruri's wedding day (the daughter of my host family) and Audray (my room mate) and I were invited to the party after the ceremony :) I've never really been to a wedding before but I can guess that it was pretty different from Sweden. They had the party at a huge place. I guess it's pretty popular for hosting wedding parties, since we could watch another couple getting their pictures taken :P I also got to meet the son of the family, Jun, for the first time. He was so cute xP And Yoshiko (host mother) looked so cute in her kimono :D When it was our turn we went up to the second floor. First we payed for the party and then we had our picture taken with a polaroid and got to write messages on the pictures and put them in a box for the couple to read later :) Then we went downstairs where they had food and drinks. So we got our welcome drinks and took some pictures and then the couple arrived. Everyone was going crazy with the camera. After they had sat down and then when they had cut the wedding cake all the guests got to take pictures with them. All the while a kind of PowerPoint was rolling on the big screens full of pictures and some messages that Ruri had made before. Turns out Masa and Ruri met in high school 15 years ago ;P When everything had calmed down a bit we went to get food and while eating, some Japanese guys that were friends of Masa's started talking to me. It was pretty fun and relaxing to realise that I did understand what they were saying without concentrating too much :D There were two other "gaijin" (foreigners) there; a French-American couple. They were fun talking to and Audray talked a lot to the French guy. I was trying to listen and make any sense of what they were saying, but that didn't go very well xD After a few hours of games and talking Masa and Ruri read their vows (at least I think that's what it was. I heard "dreams" and "I love you") and then thanked everyone for coming. Audray and I hung around outside and talked to some more Japanese people, while waiting for Yoshiko to come back (she was changing from kimono to normal clothes) and then we went back home :)

I had been kind of worried about this night. Mostly because I thought it would be just me and Audray and a lot of Japanese people speaking real Japanese; not tape-Japanese or teacher-Japanese or slow host family-Japanese, but the real thing. I was worried I wouldn't understand anything and would just hang around there waiting for time to pass... But everything went well :) I was also worried about the clothes. I wanted to wear a dress, but I didn't have any dress that I didn't think too short to be appropriate so in the end I went there with a skirt. Yoshiko had said before that since I have blond hair and blue eyes I wouldn't have to dress up a lot because my natural colours would be fancy enough for them xD

I have uploaded pictures from Korea to the wedding in the albums :)


  1. Did the guys flirt with you (cause you were probably the prettiest girl there ;p)?


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