Sunday, 2 May 2010

COEX Aquarium

So for today I wanted to take it slow and get up when I awoke on my own. This was made very difficult by my Canadian room mates who were getting up around 8am to get to some friends' wedding :/ Nice for them, but couldn't they have been more quiet?

When I really woke up it was around 10.30am and after showering I decided to go on a little adventure and explore Seoul's tube. It was kind of easy when I started getting used to it :) I went to Samseong to go to an aquarium I had looked up on the Internet. For some weird reason it was located inside a huge mall and it was hard to find. But when I did it was so worth it :D Except for fish it also had small mammals and reptiles and spiders and scorpions :) I've never seen a beaver so up-close before ;) But the best part was the underwater tunnel. That was the biggest aquarium there and it had sharks and huge sea turtles and other small fish in it :) That was just great. Apparantly that aquarium's main thing was the African manatee and I managed to catch it just when they were feeding them...

They also had some weird things. Like a two-headed turtle and hedgehogs. I just had to take a picture of the hedgehogs, cause since when do you have hedgehogs in an aquarium? They are everywhere! xD

After the aquarium I had some more time so I originally planned on going to a second location I had looked up on the net, but I happened to take a wrong turn at some point and ended up spending an hour in a huge bookstore. I bought a Korean textbook for English users who wants to learn Korean. So I'll try to get started with that again. I'm getting sick of not understanding anything xD

Tonight there's a Korean BBQ party at the hostel. The food is delicious and ofc there's booze. But after drinking just two days ago, I don't really feel like it today so I'm just gonna socialize a little tonight ^^ There are some new people and the German boys left just an hour ago so it could be fun, although it feels kind of quiet without the Canadian people here :P


  1. Jag kommer ihåg att det var en sån tunnel på akvariet i Barcelona som vi gick in i, fast med hajar och rockor.

  2. Den har tunneln hade oxa hajar och rockor...


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