Monday, 3 May 2010


Today I had decided I wanted to be cultural and historical so my first goal today was to go to the old prison. Turned out that since it was Monday, it was closed :( I don't get it. In Japan too all the tourist stuff and the museums are closed on Mondays, it's weird :P So instead I walked around the Independence Park and took pictures from outside the prison, I also took a trip to Dungnimmun (I think that was the name), which turned out to be a huge disappointment. It was supposed to be a huge stone gate, but it was pretty small :/

So since everything I wanted to go to was either closed or disappointing I decided to go to Namsan, which is a huge mountain. The trip there had me change tube line twice and I had to walk up huge slopes to get there. I haven't been to San Francisco but I can imagine Seoul's something similar -.- So when I got to the "station" I was exhausted from climbing all the slopes. But it was so worth it afterwards. I took the cable car up to Namsan where they had several view points, restaurants (ofc) and a teddy bear musuem for some reason :S I didn't go inside the teddy bear museum, though, but I had some weird ice cream. I saw it yesterday at the aquarium too but today I tasted it. It looked like Solero Shots but it had the taste of banana split xD There were other flavours too, but I thought banana split sounded the most interesting.

When I went back to my "home" station it started to rain. Not much but it was heavy so I walked around in Seoul's greenery for a while in the rain. Pretty cosy ^^

Tomorrow I'm getting up early to get to the airport and go back to Japan. Maybe I can get revenge on my Canadian roommates. I went to sleep around midnight yesterday and they all came home drunk from the wedding around 1am so I got about an hour's sleep. Then they were loud, turning on the lights and running in and out of the dormitory until about 4am. When I could finally get some sleep, before they woke me up again around 9am -.- Not considering other people at all... I chose the biggest dorm because I thought I'd get some friends that way, never occurred to me that they would all already know eachother and treat me like I'm interfering -.- Oh well, after tomorrow I will never have to see them again ^^

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