Monday, 31 May 2010

About Swedish and snails

I overslept today. Was awoken at 8am by my host mother. 8am is the time when I usually leave the house so in ten minutes I got dressed, swallowed a banana and some juice and half-ran to the train. I actually managed to find some time to buy a bread and an onigiri at a konbini (japanese word for convenience store... easier to say) and then get on the train. Everything went fine until the train left Nagatacho, which is the eighth station from my home station and still two more stations to go. When I just by standing still got dizzy and warm and shaky and the world started to turn black in front of my eyes and I felt like throwing up. I managed to sit down at an empty seat and it all went away. But that was scary! I've never felt close to fainting before but that was just horrible... I don't know why either... I've managed to skip breakfast before without any problems... Maybe it was with the combination of running? I don't know. But I managed to be in school on time ;)

Anyway, after that I felt anemic all day so when it was finally time for lunch I wanted meat. But since Japan recently got a fling of mad cow disease no real meat is to be found anywhere... Which meant I had to make do with chicken tonkatsu... And it did feel a little better after a real meal :)

After lunch (that I had with Julian and Ebu) Ebu wanted to go to a bookstore and by a book he wanted. This turned out to be a real treat for me :P As I don't have any room to spare in my suitcase I have strictly forbidden myself to buy anything besides food but seeing all those books... There were so many I wanted to have... Like Alice in Wonderland in both English and Japanese (in the same book)... or Dante's Inferno or some Dickens... It was fun to see how many Swedish writers they had there; Camilla Läckberg, Henning Mankell, Steig Larsson... And what was even more funny was when I went to the language books section. I found a section where they had practically any major European language (excluding English, French, Spanish, Italian and German); Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish :P A fair few of the books considering Swedish is quite a small language... Ofc I had to take a peek in one of the books... And the dialogues were so funny! People really, really, really don't talk that way. Not even if they want to make it simple... After the bookstore I took a trip to Shibuya to make a reservation for the airport bus and to buy packaging tape. My package is finished and will be sent tomorrow. I think my host mother will call and make my airport bus reservation too tomorrow. Turned out that you could only make a reservation by telephone and since I'm not very skilled at telephone Japanese, I asked her to do it for me and she said she could :)

And just now the weirdest thing ever happened! I found a snail in my room. I've heard of bugs and flies, but snails?!??! Anyhow it grossed me out so I asked my host mother to deal with it for me... If it's been a bug or a fly I would've simply killed it and thrown it out but a snail is just gross... How did it get in anyway? My window is locked! :S


  1. "Hej, Sven. Vart ska du?" XDXD That's hilarious XD

  2. "jag var med i en TV-intervju igår och programmet börjar snart" det låter som en dålig fejk-ursäkt.

  3. jag skrattade åt det där rätt länge :P


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