Sunday, 30 May 2010

Last week

I know I haven't posted a lot lately, reason is it's been kind of normal stuff that's been happening. Nothing special at all, but I'll give a review of the past week so you'll know what I've been up to anyway :)

Monday started out kind of unusual. The school has to buildings and the building we usually have our class in was under construction work or something like that. So we had our class in the other building. In this building the classroom looked like it was taken right out of the 60s! xD After a fairly entertaining class that left everyone, especially me, saying "yosh" all the time we went to have lunch at Ootoya together with Ebu. This is a restaurant that Julian and I discovered after Sam recommended it to us one day. It serves various Japanese food, it's delicious and cheap! A whole big meal for 600 yen :) Then we all split up and went home.

Tuesday we had a new student in our class, Sabrina from Taiwan, and we were also back in our normal building and classroom. Since it was Suzuki-sensei the time flew by and then we went and had lunch together with Sabrina in Shibuya. Then we went around the place to find a record shop Julian had heard of. It turned out to be an awesome retro store with lots and lots of old records. Since I still hadn't thought of a souvenir for my dad I thought a record would be nice but it was all weird electronica music :/ But the shop looked cool, though! On Wednesday the lesson seemed to drag on for forever and when it was finally time for lunch and today it turned out to be on the Italian/Japanese buffet place! Because today Massimo wasn't in a hurry for work :D So I, Julian, Sabrina, Massimo and Lise spent a nice lunch at the buffet and then we all separated and went home. At the house I brought out my suitcase and started packing. Turned out that I had too many things and couldn't fit it all, so this coming week I'll be sending away a package of books and winter clothing.

Thursday we had Suzuki-sensei again so the time flew by. For lunch we went to have sushi. I, Julian and Sabrina met up with Ebu and one of his friends on the way. After lunch I wanted to go to Asakusa to buy souvenirs for my family and friends and Julian and Sabrina decided to come along. On the way to the train Sabrina randomly bumped into her old Japanese tutor and he tagged along with us. When in Asakusa it suddenly started raining heavily out of nowhere and we took shelter in the temple while waiting for the rain to pass (about 5 min). Then we walked around in Asakusa's souvenir shopping street for a while and I bought souvenirs for some people. When I got home I continued to try to put together a suitcase that wasn't too heavy and a carry-on luggage that I could actually manage and trying to make a package that wasn't too heavy. Now I have everything decided (hopefully).

Friday, as usual, dragged by. The minutes seemed to be hours, everything beacuse the teacher sucks and no one likes her. When it was finally lunch-time we went to an Indian all-you-can-eat buffet. It has the most delicious naan-bread! Can't stop eating it! :P Had a nice time with Lise teaching us bad words in Japanese xD After lunch I went alone to finish my souvenir-shopping. So that turned into yet another trip to Asakusa and then a trip to Shibuya before going home. In the evening I started planning how to get to the airport with the help of my host mother. Can't believe I'm going home in two weeks...

Saturday, yesterday, was a boring day I spent watching the second semi-finals in Eurovision and a George Carlin video, as well as writing.

Today I had promised myself I would go do something if the weather was nice. But it's been cold and rainy all day so I spent yet another day watching some clips from the Eurovision finals, another George Carlin video and also writing some. I also unpacked my suitcase of all the things I need to use everyday until I go home. Hate to live in a suitcase! :P

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