Wednesday, 28 April 2010


On Monday Gan and I skipped school to go to Disneyland. It's not that far away so the trip took about an hour all on all (at least for me). It was really awesome going there, it was really a lot of fun and it felt like I was about ten years old again. It was not like FujiQ at all in the sense that I wasn't high on adrenaline all day xD

We started out taking pictures of the Cinderella castle in front of the entrance. Then we started walking further in wondering what to do first. Turned out a parade was just about to begin so we sat down waiting for it, while we waited Gan ran off to get us fastpasses for Space Mountain. Then the parade started. A lot of familiar faces in the parade, ofc starting out with Alice in Wonderland. The whole park was in an Alice in Wonderland-mode, probably due to Tim Burton's film :) After the parade we went to Tomorrowland. Where we started out with "Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters". On this ride you sat in small space ships with laser guns and you were supposed to aim and shoot laser on everything with a Z on it. Z standing for Evil Emperor Zurg. We continued with MicroAdventure, which was kind of like a film. You sat in something looking like a cinema and looked at the big screen while Dr. Nigel Channing (the guy who always sings all the songs in the Monty Python films) were trying to give the Inventor of the Year Award to Wayne Szalinski, who only happens to be the father in the "Honey, I shrunk the kids" films. In the end the whole audience ended up being shrunk xD It felt so real! :O But it was kind of weird hearing Szalinski and the Monty Python guy speaking Japanese...

After that it was finally time for Space Mountain (the fastpasses have a certain time when you can use them). Space Mountain is kind of like a roller coaster ride through space. It's so dark you can't see anything, not the tracks, not the carriage - nothing. Just the stars all around you flying past so fast... It was really cool. We continued in the space track and went to Star Tours. Which was a flight to a moon with a random robot and R2D2, travelling by light speed through space hitting meteors as it went :) That was fun! xD

Then we went on to Adventureland/Westernland on the other side of the park, getting fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain before going on Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a boat ride through Tortuga and other pirate areas. The dolls made to look like Jack Sparrow looked very real almost as if he was really there! :O

After Pirates of the Caribbean we decided it was time for lunch, but before that we got caught up in a new parade. We watched the parade and then went to Hungry Bear Restaurant (!) to have some curry. After dinner we took a ride through the Snow White story and the Pinocchio story on those rides. Then we went up to Critter Country to get fastpasses for Splash Mountain before going to the Haunted House (which was kind of lame - the Wicked Witch in the Snow White ride was scarier) and then we went to It's a small world, where you sat on a boat and travelled all over the world seeing the culture (Sweden was the first), North America wasn't in there though xD During the whole ride they were singing "It's a small world after all" ("Våran jord är inte stor") in several different languages. Then it was finally time for Big Thunder Mountain, it was a roller coaster and it was so funny! One of the best rides of the park! After Big Thunder Mountain we went on Jungle Cruise, which were real old steamboats travelling through something set up as Africa's jungles. It was kind of funny, though, because at one point we went through a temple and that temple must have been in India, unless there are tigers in Africa :P When we got out of the temple we were back in Africa xD Our last ride in Adventureland before going to Toontown was Western River Railroad. An old steam engine train going through all of Adventureland/Westernland/Critter country. It was kind of cosy :) On our way to Toontown we saw Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and Woody walking around and getting to hug children. I was looking for Mickey, because I thought that if I saw him I would most definately hug him although it would look kind of weird I guess :P Anyway Toontown was funny. It felt like stepping into Kingdom Hearts xD At Toontown we bought popcorn with caramell flavour which we ate in the 30 minute line to "Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin". We walked around Toontown for a while after that, but it only consisted of the houses of Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy and all the classics. I also found Mickey - in his house. They had set it up as a "meeting Santa"-thingy and the line was for 1 hour. I refused to stand in line amongst all the children for an hour just to hug Mickey so in the end I didn't :/ Instead we went on the children roller coaster, which was so quick it was funny xD

When it started to get dark we went on StarJets, which is space rockets. They were really small and you were supposed to be two people in one! xD Fun, fun :P Then we rushed back to Adventureland to go Big Thunder Mountain one more time - awesome. Then there was the Dreamlights Parade. Which is a light parade when all the lights go on in the park - it was really beautiful. After the parade we went on a ride through the Peter Pan story before rushing back to the Cinderella castle to watch the fireworks :) After the fireworks we still had more time before our fastpasses to Splash Mountain were valid so we went on Grand Circuit Raceway. Which is a car you drive (almost) on your own through a curvy track :P After that we still had more time so we went on a ride through the Winnie the Pooh story and then it was finally time for Splash Mountain. When we got there the line's waiting time were only five minutes. But we used the fastpasses anyway. Splash Mountain turned out to be a boat ride through the Bedknobs and Broomstick story. In the first round we were in the very back and didn't get very wet in the final hill (just falling down from a huge hill into water), but in the second round (since there were no line we went one more time directly after the first one) we got to sit in the first row and had a carriage all by ourselves. That round we got really wet xD But it was so funny! Water is fun :) By the time it was over the time was 10pm and it was the park's closing time. I was home around midnight and school the next day was not funny. Luckily now it's Golden Week, which means a whole week with holidays off from school and I'm going to Korea for a few days :) I will bring my laptop and if my Internet works there I will blog, but otherwise you wont see me online again until May 4th :)

More photos in the second and third albums :)


  1. Vad var det som representerade den svenska kulturen? Det verkar mycket roligt allting :)

    Du får inte försvinna nu!!! Jag har ju inte pratat färdigt med dig om i sommar!

  2. Blonda flickor i folkdräkter och renar på bergstoppar xD

    Men jag kommer försvinna nu ;)


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