Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Today was like Swedish summer. Sun and 25 degrees. My arms and face have a weak red tinge to them...

Anywho, today I had originally planned to go and see Alice in Wonderland, which premiered in Japan last Saturday (just a month and two weeks after the rest of the world), but the weather was so nice I just wanted to stay outside and do something fun with people. All day I've felt like going to Shinjuku Gyoen or Yoyogi Park and just lie around doing nothing in the sun, but instead Gan and I went to a place that I went to on my first week and Gan hadn't been to yet: Jiyuugaoka. That's where I went to Sweets Forest with my friends in my first week.

Ofc we started out by finding Sweets Forest. It was nice being there again, so I celebrated with a piece of strawberry cake and an Ice Caramel Latte :) After sitting around there for a while we went on walking. Gan wanted to find a place that were selling cream puffs. On the way there we found a camera shop, which also had some stationary. I found stationary there named "Pö om Pö, by Lotta Jansdotter" xD I was so surprised seeing a Swedish name that I wanted to take a picture, but the light was off so I couldn't take a good enough picture without anyone noticing, and I wasn't sure if photographing was allowed :/ Anyway we found the cream puffs. After some more walking around and looking we found a second cake café called Sweets Factory. We went in there too and had more cake. I, a heavy chocolate tart and peach juice. Yummy ^^ And here's today's surprise moment:
Mum's polar bear!


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