Thursday, 1 April 2010

More Hanami and some random things

Today has been very summer-y :P Around 20 degrees and sunny. For lunch today Massimo suggested we all buy ourselves some lunch boxes and then go to Kitanomaru Gyoen National Garden, which is close to the school. That meant more hanami, but also a lot of fooling around and taking pictures of the nature in the park :) All on all it was a great time. Here are four pictures from today: After lunch we all parted to go home or buying souvenirs for family and friends so now I'm gonna talk about something else. I've been here for a month now and somehow the strangest part has been getting used to it not getting lighter, the day isn't getting longer. Here the sun sets at 6.30pm, no exceptions.

I've gotten used to being stared at sometimes. I just stare back :P I have even gotten used to the jam-packed trains every morning and learnt how to ride the train without holding onto something. I feel more and more confident speaking Japanese and it feels like I understand more and more all the time.

But sometimes I miss my home, my friends, my family, my bed, my room, my computer... Sometimes I can't wait to go home and still I don't want to leave. I'm definately coming back someday :P

I thought I'd also show you how I live so here are three pictures of the house, the kitchen (with the cute little chevalier puppy Rira) and my room (the wardrobe is behind me):
And btw, did you see the new gadget on top of the sidebar? They are direct links to my photo albums at Facebook. There I have uploaded almost all of my photos (which are over 250 by now).


  1. We miss you too! It just feels wrong that it gets dark at 6.30 when it's 20 degrees on the day. Ha en bra påsk ;p

  2. Eller hur? xD Jag hade ingen aning om att det va påsk förrän pappa sa glad påsk via msn :P

  3. Cute place you're staying at! :)


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