Monday, 12 April 2010


This Friday Laura, I and Gan went to Odaiba after lunch. None of us had been there and we had all heard that it was supposed to be beautiful. Odaiba is a city part which is an island, so in Odaiba is also the beach. I want to go back there in summer, but I've touched Tokyo Bay xD

We went looking around and we found the Statue of Liberty, probably smaller than the one in Manhattan, but it was situated so it looked like it was Manhattan in the background. :P There were also sakura and beautiful nature. Close to it were a department store. A section of it were made up to look like Hong Kong and Gan said it was really similar. Like we were really in Hong Kong, so now I've been in Hong Kong xD On the bottom floor was also an indoors amusement park and we decided to go while we waited for the sun to set so we could se Odaiba by night. The first ride we took was a normal one, like you sat in pairs in carriages that went around on a very small roller coaster and the carriages kept twisting. So sometimes we were going backwards :) A lot of fun. The other rides were actually no rides, but they felt like it. We entered a carriage and then it got dark and we entered a pair of doors. Then a screen appeared in front of us and to the left of right - that was the size of it. Anyway it felt like you were inside the screen. So we've been flying through the jungle, gone on a wild boat ride in the jungle and also been on a wild road trip in the jungle xD Actually the carriage stopped right after it entered those doors :P But it didn't feel like it. They had put stuff on the carriage so it felt like it were moving on tracks or flying or whatever :P Really really funny ^^

After having all kinds of fun at the indoors amusement park called Joypolis we went out to see Odaiba by night. Unfortunately we just missed the light show in Tokyo Bay :( But we got to see the Rainbow Bridge and it was really nice just hanging around in the cool night air.


  1. Did they built their Statue of Liberty, or did the French give them one too? I don't remember the story with that one.

  2. ooh rainbow bridge! i loved odaiba~ want to go back to ooedo onsen~~


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