Monday, 12 April 2010

Fuji Q

All week Gan and I had been watching the weather forecast closely, because we had decided that if the weather was nice we would go to Fuji Q, which is a huge amusement park right next to Mt. Fuji :) It was a long trip to get there - almost 3 hours. But when we finally got there it was so worth it! So now I've been riding every ride that went fast, high, backwards, upside down and sideways ^^ I wanna go again!

The first ride we went on was a water one, because I thought it would be better to ride the water one first and then get dry on a roller coaster :P So we went on a boat ride that was somewhat like a roller coaster. You get in the carriage and then you go up a hill and then you fall - right down into water xD Luckily we were all given rain ponchos before getting on the ride - otherwise I would probably still be wet :P

Then we started to get on real roller coasters. The first one was Fujiyama, only 40 min waiting time. The starting hill was 80m high! :O The ride itself was just incredible! Then there was the Dodonpa (1½ h waiting) which was a roller coaster accelerating to 172km/h in 1.8 seconds! It looked and sounded so much worse than it was...

After food we went to ride the PaniClock which is a ride where the carriages is the two arms of a clock. And that ride goes upside down! And then we went on a second water ride before getting on the last big roller coaster (1½ h waiting). This roller coaster was going backwards. You got in a carriage that went backwards. And when you got going you realised that the carriages where also twisting and swinging. But that roller coaster provided us with the best view of the day - Mt. Fuji upside down xD Our last ride became Pizza-La which is a ride where the carriage is a large circle that's twisting and at the same time swinging back and forth. Sometime almost going upside down :)

We were back in Shibuya around 9pm and then we went out to eat ramen before going home and falling asleep. Fuji Q has been taken over! :)


  1. Sounds great! I wanna visit an amusment park this summer too! Where should we go?

  2. Det ville Fluff oxå efter att jag berättat för honom :P Liseberg, Tivoli eller Tosselilla kom vi fram till :P

  3. Liseberg var ju roligt, men det är lite så där "i år igen?". Tosselilla kan väl inte vara så stort, är det inte bättre med Tivoli då? Jag har ju aldrig varit på Tivoli heller.

  4. Tosselilla är mer vattenland än nöjesfält :) tyckte det kunde va roligt. Men en tur till Köpenhamn är aldrig fel :)

  5. men var ni inte i spökhuset? det ska ha varit hemsökt redan innan de byggde det XD

  6. Vi tänkte gå i spökhuset. Men när vi kom på det va klockan runt fyra och det va redan stängt :/ Så vi missade det :(


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