Thursday, 8 April 2010

The weekend and Hanami in Ueno

On Sunday I had planned on studying all day but the weather was so nice that I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood. I've never been around the neighbourhood where I live so I thought it was a good idea to see some things. I'm definately gonna go on a walk again, there are some interesting houses here that just makes my fingers itch for playing The Sims :) And when walking I came across the cutest church I've ever seen :P Monday was also a day off, or rather I didn't go to the factory tour the school had planned for us. I didn't feel like watching how laundry powder and beauty products were produced. So I had planned another study day. Which didn't go too well. Around 3 I was sick of being indoors and although the rain was pouring I decided to go to Shibuya and just walk around for a while. My umbrella broke and I bought a new one - a Japanese one, which is plastic and see-through and I love it :) All the Japanese have those since they are cheap and easy to get, just go to the closest 500yen store and you'll have one :P It's really big too so two people can easily fit underneath it. I also ended up buying two long-sleeved shirts at H&M, one that I just fell in love with and one that is perfekt for wearing under T-shirts.

Tuesday was the first day of the new course. I was nervous going there. Audray (my room mate) and I now both take morning classes so we go to school together (almost, she's always late so I always end up going by myself anyway xD). But we're not in the same building, so my Swedish friends are all in the other school building. The new class is more adultlike and I'm not sure I like it. The people in the class overall are older than in the old class and it's less teenage-y and fun :/ Gotta get used to it, though. The new book is kind of boring too. We're now on Intermediate level, which is supposed to be the hardest one. This far it's like there's no new grammar, just new ways of using the old stuff and more difficult words. It's kind of good in one way, though, that all the old stuff gets stuck. But I still want to learn new things, we can't possibly have covered all the grammar already, can we? :o

On Tuesday after lunch the four of us from the old class (Laura, Julian, Gan and I) and the new Taiwanese girl Lin first went to Tokyo Dome City Attractions to ride the huge roller-coaster just once and then go for Hanami in Ueno. The roller coaster is 80m high and after the peek you fall, almost vertical, for 60m in 130km/h (go wikipedia!) I loved it! :) Hanami in Ueno was white too. I had thought that the sakura in Ueno were pink since the second time I went there. But they were white. I figured while being there that it wasn't sakura that was pink, it was ume (plum) and they bloom before the sakura :) The petals of the Ueno sakura were already falling and when we sat at the Starbucks later we all plucked petals from our hair :P

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