Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sweets Paradise

Yesterday was Chappie's last day. Today she went back to Taiwan. It was also the last day of the course so lots of people had their last day at school. Those who wouldn't continue recieved their certificate. After that we went out to have lunch, we had to wait for forever to get into the place we wanted to go; Sweets Paradise. It's a delicious buffet for 1400 yen. It had normal food too, mostly different kinds of spaghetti and noodles, but what we ate ourselves full on was cake. The cake buffet was just incredible! I didn't need to eat anything else that day. I was full even when I went to sleep around midnight :P After we had been sitting our 90 minutes there most of us went on to take purikura and go to karaoke. Everything with Chappie and Melanie, since they were the ones leaving school that day.

Today I was awoken at 7.30 by my roommate stomping around outside my door and slamming doors. Gee, thanks -.- And ofc she stole my laundry day again! -.- I'm getting seriously annoyed here. Just one more month... I can handle that... I hope.

Today I went to check out the other place that was supposed to sell old Hello! Project stuff. It was in Nakano so it was quite some trip. First to Shibuya, then from Shibuya to Shinjuku and then from Shinjuku to Nakano :P But the stores there too turned out to be something of a disappointment. However I managed to come out with a poster and a photobook :) After som extra nerdy shopping I went home and I've just been hanging around at the computer since then. Tomorrow will be a serious study day and on Monday I might hang out with some friends (it's also a day off from school, since it's the orientation day for all new students) or I might study some more :) Probably wont be any more posts 'til Tuesday.

Oh and I had the strangest dream the night to Friday! It was a Peter Pan-The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus-Desperate Housewives mash-up xD I, Peter Pan and the lost boys lived in a neighbourhood that looked like the one in Desperate Housewives, just us, no adults. Then one day we escaped the neighbourhood and when we got out of it we entered some kind of weird world. It was a huge house and we took our flight to the basement where we lived for some days before we continued to explore the building. On the second floor we found an old man (Hook) who didn't recognise me and I talked to him and asked him about the place. Then he caught sight of Peter Pan and suddenly everyone remembered Neverland. Then a wild chase started because Hook wanted to catch Peter but we escaped to our basement and there he couldn't reach us. Just when we were about to start planning how we would get back to Neverland I woke up.


  1. Nice dream! Those are the best ones ;p How did The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus come into it?

  2. That we got out of the neighbourhood into a new world that was a building :P Kind of. My brain created it so somehow I know that that was Dr. Parnassus xD


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