Thursday, 22 April 2010


For lunch today Massimo had invited us (Laura, Gan, Julian and I from the old course) to his flat. So for dinner we had pasta with some delicious salad. But Massimo thought the pasta wouldn't be enough and thus he had also prepared some green and some yellow Thai curry and for dessert: role cake and coffee :) Really nice.

After lunch he showed us an Italian TV-show he had been in. It's some kind of program where they film Italian people living in different parts of the world and they needed someone in Tokyo. Massimo knew someone who knew someone... anywho he ended up being their person in Tokyo. It was all in Italian ofc, but it was kind of fun to see. I suggested he subtitled it and put it on Facebook or YouTube and Laura said she might know how to put subs on it :P That would be so fun cos apparantly he was talking a lot of crap xD

Then we ended up just lazily hanging around the sofa and talking and Massimo put on some BBC-show he had downloaded. Like something out of a Nature channel :P Anyway it was nice and relaxing sitting there and watching animals on TV xD

All on all this has been a very relaxing day, if it wasn't for the fact that the 25 degrees summer time was exchanged for below 10 degrees and rain it would have been really perfect :)

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