Sunday, 18 April 2010

A week

A week has gone by without much happening.

On Tuesday it was nice weather for once so Gan, Laura and I decided to go somewhere we hadn't been before. At random we just picked a place in Gan's guidebook and off we went to Shimo-kitazawa. It was a nice place with a lot of cool shops. I actually found something really funny. A t-shirt with Swedish bad words on it. It looked like it was graffitti from the school toilet xD Anyway I just had to buy it although they only had it in size S. But it fits kind of ok anyway.

Wednesday we went to have sushi for lunch at a sushi place in Shinjuku that Lin had found. One plate with two pieces on it cost 105 yen, which ofc meant that I ate about 18 pieces and I've never been that full after a sushi lunch! xD Then we went out for karaoke for two hours before going home.

Thursday it was raining so after checking out a purely Japanese hamburger place called Freshness Burger for lunch we all went home. The burgers were really small. Japanese size. -.-

Friday it was once again raining and everyone went home after lunch. Well first I took a trip to the Official Jump Store next to Tokyo Dome. It was heaven. Filled with manga merchandise, I wanted to buy everything. But I decided on some posters and then I went home.

Saturday it was still raining and I spent the day at home. Today the weather was nice so I went to Shibuya to walk around and ended up doing some shopping.

It's been a quiet week, but I guess those come around too, even when you're in the middle of the greatest adventure of your life :)


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